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Since publication almost ten years ago, The Concise Book of Trigger Points has been translated into over 20 languages and become a best seller worldwide.

This new edition has been completely updated and revamped, sharing current research, evidence, and advanced techniques for manual therapy practitioners, as well as simple self-help protocols that the layperson can do at home.

Containing full-colour illustrations, it is a compact reference guide, and explains how to treat chronic pain through trigger points; tender, painful nodules that form in muscle fibers and connective tissues. So much pain can be relieved quickly and efficiently with simple trigger point therapy.

The book is designed in an easy reference format to offer useful information about the trigger points relating to the main skeletal muscles, which are central to massage, bodywork, and physical therapy.

The first six chapters provide a sound background to the physiology of trigger points, and the general methods of treatment. Chapters 7 to 12 are organized by muscle group, with the information about each muscle presented in a uniform style throughout. Each two-page spread gives detailed anatomical information, referred pain patterns, plus key trigger point information, practitioner protocols, and self-help information and drawings.

Additional information

Text Full colour
ISBN 978 1 905367 51 1
Pages 240
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 275 x 212 mm
Rights sold French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Illustrations 360 colour photos and images

Author biography

Simeon Niel-Asher, B. Phil., B.Sc., (Ost.), who qualified as an osteopath in 1992, uses trigger point therapy in his every day work. He is the inventor of the Niel-Asher Technique (NAT) for treating frozen shoulder syndrome and was named by the Evening Standard newspaper as one of the Top 10 osteopaths in London. He is involved in treating, research, writing, and teaching throughout Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

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