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‘The incidence and burden of mental health challenges in our modern stressed society is formidable. A limitation of our current medical system’s approach to treatment of mental health conditions is that it is focused on pharmaceutical, cognitive and talking therapies. These do not address the many physical, creative and spiritual aspects of these conditions, which, if they were treated, could substantially improve treatment efficacy. This book effectively addresses this limitation by providing a comprehensive and detailed theoretical and practical guide to the skills and behavioral practices from both art and yoga therapy, and is likely to be a valuable resource for both art and yoga therapists as well as conventional mental health providers.’
Sat Bir Singh Khalsa PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Chief Editor, The Principles and Practice of Yoga Therapy


Western psychological processes (compared to the Kleśas, Vṛittis, Kośas, Guṇas, Doṣas, Nadi System, Cakras, and the Yamas and Niyamas) make this book accessible even to those unfamiliar with yogic philosophy and psychology. Clearing exercises, warm-up techniques, yogic breathing for mood management, modifications and sequencing of poses, assessments (for the mind and body), digital and telehealth applications, yoga prop usage, and co-morbid, clinical cases (children, adolescents and adults) are presented throughout as a guide for the reader. Practical reflection exercises are offered in the Introductory chapter and chapters 3-6. These suggested practices summarize and reiterate the clinical material for the reader, and afford expansion toward oneself and /or one’s clinical caseload.

No matter what form it takes to move towards a creative opening, the reader will find that this book will aid you in moving yourself and your patients into the exploration of art, yoga, and well-being. This interoceptive research facilitates an expansion towards self and others and ensures that expansion, whether making art, practising yoga or working with disease. May this book move you and your patients toward that trajectory of sattva and well-being!

Head and Heart is a valuable resource for:

  • all health professionals who focus on mental health and/or wellbeing and want to broaden their understanding of how yoga and creative art therapy interventions can influence mental health approaches, best practices, and efficacy of treatment
  • those who assist the therapeutic /healing processes who aspire to incorporate both yoga and creative art therapy interventions into their practice
  • yoga therapy practitioners/teachers and creative art therapists/teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge of integrating yoga and creative art approaches into yoga, mental health and well-being

Additional information

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 978-1-912085-83-5
Edition No 1
Pages 260
Illustrations 230 color drawings and photographs
Dimensions 220 x 276 mm
Status Published
Publication Date 30 June 2021

Author biography

Ellen Horovitz is an international leader and author in Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy, as well as a licensed art therapist, certified yoga therapist and psychotherapist. She is Professor Emerita and founder of the Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) graduate art therapy program, author of eight books and past president-elect of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA). She served on the AATA board director for 12 years and was responsible for rewriting the national education standards (1992) and manuals for approved graduate programs. In addition, she has served as an expert witness on art therapy education for the US Department of Justice. She has also won numerous awards and received grants from many organizations, including a graphic consultant grant from the US Department of Defense. Ellen works in private practice with individuals, couples, and families. She has given hundreds of lectures and workshops in the USA and around the world. Currently, she works for as a national speaker and lecturer. She has authored eight books with topics ranging from art therapy to yoga therapy to mainstream applications of digital photography. She has also authored over 50 juried articles and 17 book chapters, and is an expert in the field of Deafness/Hard of Hearing. Her book, Visually Speaking: Art Therapy and the Deaf, is translated into Korean. Learn more about Ellen at and

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