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A Practical Guide to Crystal Therapy

Shirley O’Donoghue has been teaching energy-based complementary therapies for over twenty-five years. In this book she shares the wealth of knowledge and experience she has gained to help you discover how you can use crystals for spiritual and personal development and healing.

This book is a must for any complementary therapist wishing to understand how to use crystals as energy-based tools when treating the subtle energy system (chakras, meridians, etc.). Crystal Alchemyis suitable for both the professional therapist and the beginner, and is one of the most comprehensive textbooks on crystal therapy published, containing practical exercises to help the reader to understand crystal therapy, as well as nurturing sensitivity to the energies which crystals offer.

Shirley O’Donoghue guides you, step by step, through the entire process of understanding and tapping into crystals’ energetic qualities, using meditation and other practical techniques to identify how crystals can be used to stimulate blocked energy flow within the subtle energy systems, as well as enhancing and stimulating energy flow to create specific responses. The chapters are designed as a practical guide to enable anyone to gain insight on choosing the correct crystal through to combining crystals with other therapies to empower the treatment overall.

Recommended reading for anyone wanting to understand how to use crystals for themselves, their clients, or family and friends.

Additional information

Text Full colour
ISBN 978 1 913088 08 8
Pages 168
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 246 x 189 mm
Rights sold TBC
Illustrations 150 colour photos and images

Author biography

Shirley O’Donoghue, principal of Lucis College Limited, is a therapist and an author, as well as a lecturer for the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). She is a director of a community interest company called Holistic Harmony CIC, which she set up in 2009 primarily to provide complementary therapies to a wide range of disadvantaged groups and individuals, which is still in operation today. For over seven years she was secretary for the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations, and she has written numerous courses that have been accredited with the FHT, the Open College Network and the Complementary Therapists Association (CTha).

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