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Bodymaster John Gibbons is recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities in sports medicine. In this book he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get the best results when using kinesiology tape.

This book is a must for any physical therapist involved in the treatment of patients, athletes, or indeed anyone who may present with any type of sports-related injury or common medical condition. This new edition offers self-help techniques to allow the patient to self-treat, where appropriate.

The author guides you, step by step, through the entire process of taping by first marking an area of dysfunction, then preparing and cutting tape, followed by application with variants for specific problems. The chapters are designed as a practical guide on the application of tape to treat each individual area of pain and dysfunction through the use of pictorial demonstrations, and the author gives a few examples of injuries common to each area of pain and the subsequent variations in taping applications.

This book highlights over ‘60’ specific areas of pain that are identified through individual artistic illustrations that have actually been drawn onto the body, and includes over 40 QR codes to YouTube of practical demonstrations of the key techniques.

Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how to use kinesiology tape.

Additional information

Text Full colour
ISBN 978 1 913088 06 4
Pages 104
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 240 x 170 mm
Rights sold Korean, Spanish
Illustrations 80 colour photos and images

Author biography

John Gibbons is a registered osteopath, author and lecturer. He specialises in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries and supports over 75 sports teams in his busy clinic at the prestigious University of Oxford, as well as teaching to physical therapists throughout the UK and internationally. Gibbons is also the author of Muscle Energy Techniques, Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint, The Vital Shoulder Complex and The Vital Glutes.

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