Clinical Assessment for Massage Therapy

Clinical Assessment for Massage Therapy


Author name: David Zulak MA, RMT
Format: Paperback, 440 pages, est 1220 photographs and illustrations
Trim: 180 mm x 114 mm
ISBN: 978-1-909-141-37-7
Publisher: Handspring Publishing
Publication date: April 2018


Product Description

Clinical Assessment for Massage Therapy: A practical guide

This is a book written for massage therapists (and other movement therapists using massage in their practice) by a massage therapist. It will be of great value to experienced massage therapists and students alike as it brings together a range of examination and assessment techniques which are otherwise found in a variety of places. Students will use this book to learn of the existence of various techniques. More experienced therapists will use the book to enhance, update and extend their skills.

The text is simply presented in two sections: the first explains different approaches to assessment and examination; the second section is divided into chapters that are each dedicated to an area of the body. The contents list below gives an idea of the comprehensive coverage offered by this impressive manual.

About the author

David Zulak MA, RMT
Massage therapist in private practice and massage therapy educator based in Ontario, Canada