Luxury Anatomy Book: Anatomy in Black

10th February 2016

Anatomy in Black, released 1 October 2015, is a sophisticated coffee table book for anatomy lovers and casual observers alike. It illustrates the beauty of human anatomy reflected in a contemporary hardback book, created entirely in black and gold.

Traditional anatomical imagery is given a new lease of life through modern interpretation in this stylish publication. The book comprehensively leads the reader through the human body in seven chapters dedicated to each area of the human body; which include: head & neck, back, upper limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and lower limb.

It covers the same level of detail and content with each illustration as a standard academic anatomy book. A thorough evaluation of each anatomical part is conveyed in double page spreads with summary text to put the area in context and explain some of the more complicated anatomical terminology and function for those encountering anatomy for the first time.

This makes this book a perfect companion for those interested in anatomy, regardless of their previous knowledge of the subject matter. Anatomy in Black has a gold foil embossed black hardback cover, with black sprayed edges and a gold ribbon making it a beautiful object to adorn any anatomy enthusiasts home, as well as the perfect present for those working in the field.

Wrap Up

Anatomy in Black