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Lotus PublishingLotus Publishing

Lotus Publishing has been publishing high-quality paperback books for over ten years. Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Hutchings and author Chris Jarmey, Lotus operates out of an office at the foot of the beautiful South Downs, in between Chichester and Emsworth, on the West Sussex/Hampshire border. However, the company has an international presence due to an excellent relationship with North Atlantic Books (, our co-publisher in the USA, and are distributed in North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa by the Random House Group ( Most of the books are co-published with North Atlantic, but Lotus has an arrangement with the Cardinal Publishing Group ( in the USA for books that fall outside the remit of North Atlantic.

Lotus creates each book from scratch, often starting with only an idea, and manage all aspects of book production in-house – editing, design, and the beautiful illustrations, with the help of a talented team of freelancers, with many sourced locally. Lotus has to be very selective about what it publishes, fully understanding the market for each book, which means that our books have a very long shelf life. Lotus only publishes books it believes in. The books grow naturally out of the company’s interests, doing all that it can to get the final product to our customers, with the highest standards of production, but at the lowest price possible.

Handspring Publishing logoHandspring Publishing

Handspring publishes across the entire range of bodywork and manual therapies, including movement – from yoga to fitness. We publish for professionals – for teachers, therapists, and the trainers who run courses for them – as opposed to lay ‘consumers’.

Much of what we publish spans several therapeutic traditions.  One of the inspirational characteristics of our business is the way in which themes recur across different disciplines. We celebrate and encourage such convergence.

We support the increasing recognition of the artificiality of separating mind and body. Our publishing will span the mind-body arena, appealing to those who come to clients and patients from a mental health/counselling and psychotherapy background, as well as to those whose starting point is more ‘physical’.