Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness


Author name: Robert Schleip
Format: Paperback; 224pp
Cover: Colour
Trim: 240 mm x 170 mm
ISBN: 978 1 905367 71 9
Publisher: Lotus Publishing
Publication date: 20 March 2017


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Product Description

Fascial Fitness: How to Be Resilient, Elegant and Dynamic in Everyday Life and Sport

Anyone who wants to be active, mobile, and pain-free in everyday life should be aware of the importance of their connective tissue!

A greater knowledge and understanding of connective tissue has been gained in recent years in the fields of physiotherapy, sports science, and medicine. Muscular connective tissue, known as fascia, plays a large role in health, well-being, and mobility—it transmits the power of the muscles, communicates with the nervous system, and serves as a sense organ. Fascia ensures the protection of internal organs and forms the basis for a naturally beautiful body shape.

Connective tissue can perform in a similar way as your existing muscles. Fascia responds to stress and nerve signals, and if it becomes tangled or stuck together, pain and movement problems can occur. The fascia should therefore be specifically targeted by exercise, and 10 minutes twice a week is all you need.

In this book the leading German fascia researcher and Rolfing practitioner Robert Schleip describes how new findings in practical exercise programs for the fascia can be translated to everyday use.

About the Author

Robert Schleip directs the Fascia Research Project at Ulm University, Germany, and is Research Director of the European Rolfing Association.