Bowen Unravelled: A Journey Into the Fascial Understanding of the Bowen Technique

16th March 2015

Author Julian Baker, a leading teacher of The Bowen Technique, paves the way in Bowen Unravelled: A Journey Into the Facial Understanding of the Bowen Technique. After many years’ experience working with other Bowen Technique practitioners, Baker set out to write this comprehensive, groundbreaking work that bridges the gap between alternative therapy, anatomical reasoning and scientific understanding of the Bowen Technique, one of the fastest-growing connective tissue therapies in the world.

Bowen Unravelled explores the core concepts of the Bowen Technique, developing an understanding of what occurs within the body during treatment and providing explanations why. Individual chapters provide information for practical application of the technique on specific areas of the body. Boasting over 20 years’ experience, Baker has witnessed the huge growth of the techniques’ popularity amongst both patient and practitioner; the technique “has been shown time and again to bring extraordinary results with very little pressure on the therapist.”

Another top-notch production from Lotus Publishing, Bowen Unravelled is clear and concise, featuring high-quality paper and full-colour images. This book is a valuable resource for both experienced practitioners of the Bowen Technique and bodyworkers keen to learn more about the technique.

Review by Massage World Magazine

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