Better Health through Natural Healing: How to Get Well without Drugs and Surgery

9th March 2015

For anyone wanting to improve his or her health and general wellbeing, Better Health through Natural Healing: How to Get Well without Drugs and Surgery, is the perfect read. Nowadays, more and more people are seeking alternative ways to treat themselves and their families and this book provides practical advice for treating over 100 common diseases and ailments including acne, digestive disorders and depression.

Better Health through Natural Healing is one of the most successful and authoritative texts on the subject and this is the third fully revised and updated edition. Thanks to new nutritional research that has been carried out over the past few years, authors Ross Trattler and his son Shea, have updated the book to include recent developments in holistic medicine and healing.

Many new chapters have been added and the book is split into two parts: What is Natural Medicine and How to Use Natural Medicine. By uniting traditional and alternative techniques together the body can heal itself. The principles and tools of natural medicine, diet, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and homeopathy are clearly explained throughout.

Author Ross Trattler said, “Natural therapies have been used to treat disease since our earliest beginnings. Among the first known written records are texts mentioning herbs and their use in healing. Every known culture has attempted to harness the healing powers in plants. Both the Old and New Testaments speak of herbs and their uses. Hydrotherapy—the use of water in healing disease—is also very ancient.”

Take a different approach to health and learn new and invaluable information about the body from this insightful book.

Review by Catherine Stone @ Massage World Magazine

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